HTMA Level 1 Practitioner COURSE

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is used worldwide by clinicians, practitioners and scientists. In a single hair sample, the tissue is stable over time and provides several months of biochemical activity versus just a snapshot from blood work.  Obtaining the sample is inexpensive and non-invasive, and can be completed without medical intervention.

Biochemical, physical, and emotional stressors deplete the body of essential nutrients. In stages and over time, chronic illness may develop and as well environmental illness may arise as a result of exposure to environmental toxins. These issues, combined so many health assaults, result in the accumulation of toxins in tissues and may completely disrupt normal body chemistry.

The HTMA lab test quantifies deficiencies or excesses in essential mineral levels, significant and identifies toxic heavy metals of concern. A complete lab report uses charts, graphs, and supportive documentation to show an individual’s unique metabolic status, and provides  corrective recommendations to address mineral imbalances, erase debilitating symptoms and revitalize cellular metabolism.

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Class 1

You will learn the validity and history of HTMA, the “Big 4” minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium) plus Phosphorus.  We will discuss oxidation rates and the significance to your clients, plus intelligent nutritional programming to optimize functioning for the Fast and Slow Oxidizer.  You will also learn how lifestyle factors affect mineral levels and the basic supplement protocols that are recommended.  Plus we will review applying this information to Trace Elements, ARL and CanAlt Lab test results.

Class 2

In this class we will look at the trace minerals, why they are important to the body and in your analysis.  We will be diving into the significant ratios, what they represent with regards to the  functionality of the body, why these ratios are the most important on the test itself and some ratio patterns.  There will be a discussion on common conditions and how they are associated with mineral imbalance.  As well you will be introduced to the stress response pattern and how chronic stress creates chaos and mineral imbalances.

Class 3

In this class you will learn all about the 4 Lows pattern, the progression of 4 Lows through the oxidation rates and subtypes, how to assess it and how to treat clients in 4 Lows. Discussions around one, two, three and four level patterns will be included.  We will also be going deep into the relevance of the Calcium Shell, its presence in mental illness, and protocols to break down elevated tissue calcium.  We will finish with iodine, why we cannot live without it, how to assess iodine deficiency on HTMA, as well as through blood panels, and the full iodine protocol. 


Class 4

We start this class looking deeper into HTMA interpretation, as well as discussing Dr. Eck’s 9 Rules of Mineral Analysis.  We will explore the retest, why sometimes retests do not match how the client is feeling and loss patterns on HTMA.  Then we will review in depth the epidemic of Copper Toxicity and what contributes to its build up in the body.  We will discuss Overt Copper toxicity, HIDDEN Copper Toxicity and how to assess copper on HTMA with specific markers.  We will explore all of the conditions that interact with copper and lastly, cover the process of copper detox, protocols for copper, as well as what your client might experience while healing. 

Class 5

In class 5 we talk all about the toxic elements and their detection on HTMA.  You will learn why NOT seeing elevations in toxicities does not mean they are not there.  We cover the additional elements in detail, as well as the toxic ratios and additional ratios.  We will also discuss the nature of mineral balance, how replacing vital minerals will start to let the body release toxic metals.  How to approach heavy metal detox safely and effectively, and what your clients can expect through their healing journey.

Class 6

In this class we will go deep into the customized protocols for the oxidation rates and 4 Lows pattern.  We will discuss protocols in great detail dissecting why each ingredient is recommended and the actions it serves.  You will learn appropriate dosages, how to streamline supplementation with Vykon powders and some additional therapies to implement  that may assist in the healing process and support detoxification.  We will also cover the basics when it comes to taking an appropriate hair sample, some regulations that you should be aware of and how to successfully implement HTMA into your health practice.

About your instructor

Lisa Pitel-Killah, FDN-P, hTMAP, BCHHP (AADP)

Lisa is certified in Functional Diagnostics, which bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine, through the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Institute in the US.  She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a Hair Mineral Analysis Practitioner, and a multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion.  She is currently in the process of becoming a Holistic Carnivore and Equine Nutritionist.  Lisa is a long-standing member of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals and a health, wellness and fitness advocate.  She discovered HTMA years ago and studied initially under Dr. Rick Malter, PhD, a pioneer of HTMA research in clinical practice for over 40 years. Lisa chose to specialize in mineral balance after this specific diagnostic test identified the true root cause of her chronic fatigue and estrogen dominance.  Lisa recently moved her entire practice to a virtual platform, previously practicing with the Active Health Institute.  Lisa works exclusively with HTMA, but is certified with access to a multitude of diagnostic tests.  Lisa has helped 1000s dig to the root cause of health issues by focusing on mineral balance and a holistic approach.  She most recently expanded her team practice to include a focus on animal HTMA testing.  The tremendous power of what HTMA can identify in dogs, cats and horses has changed the lives of 100s of animals.   

Lisa is the Founder of Vykon Supplements, and the head of research and development.  Vykon is a multi-divisional company that includes: Vykon Performance & Foundational Supplements, Vykon Customs, Vykon Pets and Vykon Equine.  Vykon Customs was created by Lisa in 2019 to simplify protocols for clients, containing everything needed for mineral balance, making them easy to use and solving the increasingly common problem of pill fatigue.  Vykon Custom powders are the first ever, all-encompassing supplement completely based on HTMA science.  Vykon has most recently expanded their custom powders to include custom formulations, based on HTMA, for dogs, cats and horses.  Lisa is also part of a consortium of Mineral Experts and the Co-Founder of the HTMA Virtual Summit, which celebrated its inaugural year in 2020.  Lisa co-hosts the Summit to provide excellence and authenticity of HTMA education by bringing some of the World’s Experts together annually to share their knowledge.  The HTMA Virtual Summit is a hub for HTMA and mineral resources for continuing education in mineral studies for Health Practitioners, NDs, DCs, MDs, and Nutritionists.

Lisa mentors Health Professionals on HTMA for humans and animals.  Her popular Human Optimization podcast runs on all podcast channels including: Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google and can be viewed on YouTube.  Lisa and her team are on a mission to help the world live and perform better with mineral balance.

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HTMA Level 1 Practitioner

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