Vykon Staff HTMA101-S HTMA Practitioner Level 1

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Did you know that chronic fatigue, brain fog, lack of focus, insomnia, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, weight gain, inability to lose weight, hormone imbalance, GI dysbiosis, anxiety and depression can all be symptoms of mineral imbalances?

We learned decades ago that the basic concepts related to HTMA show us how mineral imbalance induced by stress could lead to thyroid, adrenal, cardiac, glucose and other health problems, months or years before a blood serum test will.  HTMA is advanced testing for cellular mineral levels & stored heavy metals, it serves as a blueprint for intelligent nutritional programming and detoxification protocols to erase debilitating symptoms, regain energy and live better.

All 6 classes accessed through an online, automated course system, accessible for life
Case Study Reviews, all accessed through our online automated course system, accessible for life
Learn how to accurately interpret complex mineral patterns
Templates, checklists and all the resources you need for assessing minerals and creating client reports
Confidently build orthomolecular levels of minerals in protocols
Access to updates via the learning portal, to revisit and refresh anytime
Final exam is required for Certificate of Completion, 80% is a pass
A Certificate of Completion issued through IHN (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition) and the Clinical HTMA Academy